Top 10 Horror Movies You've (Probably) Never Seen

Braindead Peter Jackson

Before Peter Jackson made his zillions upon zillions of dollars with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, he was known primarily for his quirky horror films - particularly Braindead/Dead Alive(FYI: In Australia and New Zealand, the film is known as Braindead, whereas stateside it’s known as Dead Alive. I prefer the former.)

Braindead is a horror-comedy about zombies in the vein of Re-Animator (which is also on this list) and Evil Dead 2. In fact, much like Evil Dead 2, the once-pathetic hero of the film utilizes a power tool of sorts - in this case, a lawnmower instead of a chainsaw - to lay waste to the zombie hordes. This movie has every kind of zombie you can think of: regular zombies, old lady zombies, ninja priest zombies, and, of course, the oft-popular baby zombie. Only, unlike most baby zombies, this one wasn’t ever a living baby - rather, it was created because two adult zombies loved each other very much.

Yeah, this movie is strange, no doubt about it, but it’s also incredibly fun. The effects have a particularly nauseating quality, especially when the protagonist’s (viciously mean) mother’s face starts falling off and into her soup, ear first. For fans of Peter Jackson who’ve been disappointed with his work since he left Middlearth - King Kong and The Lovely Bones were not my favorite film experiences - this was back when Jackson was doing naught but extremely original material; when his creativity was obvious in every single frame. Maybe he can do that once more with The Hobbit Parts I and II, but, then again, those are adaptations, too.

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