Top 10 Horror Movies You've (Probably) Never Seen

Suspiria Dario Argento

Suspiria is possibly the most beautiful horror move you’ll ever watch in terms of cinematography. Employing Technicolor immediately prior to its discontinuation, every scene is bathed in the most beautiful and vivid primary colors as if reflected through ancient stain glass windows. When blood appears - and oh, boy, does it ever - it pops right out of the screen and practically splatters you in the face, it’s so red and gorgeous.

Indeed, Dario Argento is at the top of his game here, crafting a horror movie mystery the likes of which you’ve never seen before, with a constant sense of dread, suspense, and, most importantly—what the hell is going on? Additionally, it cannot be stressed enough how awesome the music is, composed by frequent Argento collaborators, Goblin. This might seem a trivial point to make, but trust me, it’s not. The music enriches the cinematic experience so much, it has to be heard to be believed.

Frankly, I wrestled with whether or not to include Suspiria on this list, because any true horror movie aficionado knows about Dario Argento and Suspiria in particular, but I came to the conclusion that mainstream fans are probably much less likely to be aware of the movie. Thus, there’s no better place for the movie to be than #2 on this list. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a huge favor and watch it as soon as physically possible.

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