The 10 Scariest Giant Movie Monsters Of All Time

Guillermo del Toro Pacific Rim Godzilla

Godzilla has gone through a number of makeovers throughout the years, but one thing remains certain - this giant lizard hates (almost) everything. While it has spent most of its "entertainment life" fighting other giant monsters, Godzilla has spent some time crushing cities and the humans in them.

In fact, Godzilla is such a celebrity that he even has his own Hollywood star. He has experienced the glory days - from the original 1954 Japanese movie, to many, many subsequent films and television shows. But a 1998 adaptation by Roland Emmerich left the great lizard in shame, putting the well-known monster on the run for most of the film, instead of on the attack.

Regardless, the devastation left behind when Godzilla arrives is nothing short of spectacular. To put it in perspective: the only man capable of bringing the beast back to the Hollywood spotlight was Roland Emmerich, King of Disaster Movies. There is no monster quite like Godzilla - that's why he takes the crown as the scariest giant movie monster of all time.

P.S. - Stay tuned, because there may be yet another adaptation of the beast also known as Gojira - a Godzilla reboot movie that's due out in 2012.

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