6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie

6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie - Hear no Evil, See No Evil

The See No Evil, Hear No Evil method should only be used in dire circumstances and only when there are no other options available. Once deployed, your friends WILL tease you, strangers will laugh at you and little children will mock you.

The moves are basic but the results are fool proof: Shut your eyes so tight that you see "floaters" and pretty colors, place your hands over your ears to block out any scary noises and hum a happy song to yourself - rocking back and forth in your seat with your head down is optional but encouraged for maximum effectiveness.

Again, this method will require you to endure days, weeks and possibly months of teasing on Facebook by your so-called "friends" but it will most definitely keep you nightmare free.

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