6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie

6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie - Fake Bathroom Break

We all know not to drink a vast amount of fluids before seeing a movie, especially a horror film as they can sometimes scare the pee out of you, but that doesn't mean you can't use a full bladder as an excuse to avoid the more unnerving parts of a film.

Using the predictive techniques described in The Long Blink, excuse yourself as the fright-inducing scene unfolds for a Fake Restroom Break. None of your friends will be the wiser as you quit looking at the screen to navigate the steps in the dark and enter the side tunnel.

The major downside to using this method is a some point you'll need to go back into the theater or you risk raising the suspicions of your friends - unless you suddenly develop dysentery (which could happen since some theaters are SO dirty).

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