6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie

6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie - Sporting Shades

Occasionally a horror film - The Exorcist - is so scary that you’ll need your eyes closed more than they're open. When this happens you better be Sporting Shades to hide your tightly closed peepers – or it's going to be a long night of scares and ridicule.

Unless you're Roddy Piper or an ultra-cool hipster like our own Ben Kendrick, wearing sunglasses indoors is typically frowned upon but if you tell your friends you just had your eyes dilated then you might be able to pull this method off.

However, if you're like me, you already wear glasses, you’ll need to stick to 3D horror films like Silent Hill: Revelation and Texas Chainsaw to take advantage of the dark-lenses in 3D glasses.

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