6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie

The Long Blink is as simple as it sounds - just close your eyes for an extra couple of seconds while blinking. Sometimes a scary movie lets you know when the next jump-scare or seat-jumping scene is about to take place - use this to your advantage.

For this method to work properly, however, you MUST learn each of the story beats directors use to telegraph upcoming jump-scares - foreboding music is the most common - because they will inevitably be different in each movie you watch.

If you miss the signs then as the scene suddenly occurs you will, without fail, scream out like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert - and trust me, your friends WILL make fun of you the rest of the night (quite possibly longer). I still regret not employing this method while watching Child’s Play 2 with my friends in 1990.

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6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie