6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie

6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Film

Almost everyone loves scary movies. "Almost" though, doesn't include people like me. You won't catch me going alone to watch any scary sci-fi films or ghostly horror films. Even though I'm a fan of sci-fi movies and enjoy watching action-horror films like Cabin in the Woods and Resident Evil, I just don't have the fortitude to keep my eyes open during films like, Event Horizon, Children of the Corn or Friday the 13th.

I could just skip all the films that give me nightmares for weeks but unfortunately my friends want to see them and I don't want them to know just how big a wuss I am.

So I've devised some sure-fire methods that will allow anyone to make it through an entire scary film on the sly – some subtle, others not so much. Check out my 6 (Wussy) Ways to Watch a Scary Movie and look like stone-cold hero to your friends.

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