Tom Cruise Required Top Gun: Maverick Cast to Be Able to Fly in Fighter Jets

Maverick Flying over Mountains in Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise required the Top Gun: Maverick cast to be able to fly in fighter jets. The new film seems to have taken the internet by storm ever since the Top Gun: Maverick trailer premiered recently at SDCC. And although the trailer promised some stunning action sequences, fans are still uncertain of exactly what the plot entails for this much-anticipated sequel.

One thing that is quite certain, however, is that Cruise has no intention of slowing down any time soon. Known for his indomitable desire for putting everything he has into the films he makes, Top Gun: Maverick appears to take that characteristic and literally raise it to the next level. As in past films like those of the Mission Impossible franchise or 2017’s The Mummy, Cruise once again settled for nothing less than his signature hands-on approach with Maverick, and this time, the 57-year-old expected a similar commitment from his co-stars.

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While appearing on Conan to promote Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise confirmed that not only is he an accomplished pilot who flies the F/A-18 fighter jet seen in the recent trailer, but in making Maverick, he ensured that his co-stars were capable of flying in similar aircrafts as well. In order to do this, the actors playing Maverick pilots had to first be tested to see if they could withstand the incredible amount of G-force that flying such high-powered military aircraft entails. You can check out Cruise’s explanation of this below, as well as the entire interview:

After 34 years, it appears that Cruise is just as dedicated and committed to Top Gun: Maverick as he was to the original Top Gun film. In fact, some might even argue that time and experience have made Cruise an even more dedicated actor - one who is forever prepared to do whatever it takes to bring audiences the most edge of their seat, jaw-dropping on screen action. In the short amount of time that Cruise speaks with Conan about the logistical problems with filming inside actual fighter jets, it’s clear that the Top Gun star didn’t want to just churn out a copy and paste sequel. Beyond simply performing stunts, Cruise has evolved into a consummate professional whose desire for perfection and innovation are consistently mirrored in the films he makes. Because of this, Maverick will likely live up to Cruise’s statement that he is here to entertain audiences.

Of course, the tragic death of original Top Gun director Tony Scott back in 2012 ensures that a sequel won’t have the same feel as the 1986 blockbuster. That is indeed unfortunate, but Top Gun fans shouldn’t have to worry about this too much. While Top Gun was electrifying in its own right, it stands alone as a prime example of action filmmaking infused with drama. Top Gun: Maverick will work to revisit that spirit, but judging by the trailer as well as Cruise’s Conan interview, the sequel is entirely its own creation, with the continued commitment of Cruise ensuring this remains true.

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Source: Conan

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