'Top Gun' Being Prepped For 3D Theatrical Release

Hollywood is starting to become a bit obsessed with dusting off older blockbuster titles and converting them into 3D for theatrical release - in the hopes that moviegoers will jump at the chance to see their favorite (?) flicks brought to life in an extra dimension.

Case in point: a 3D version of The Lion King hits theaters this Friday, both Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and Titanic will be given a 3D theatrical re-release early next year - and now word is out that Tony Scott's Top Gun is also being converted into three dimensions.

THR is reporting that Legend3D is currently in the midst of converting the iconic 1980s title into 3D, with the tentative plan being that Paramount will release Top Gun 3D in theaters by the first half of 2012 - assuming they get Scott's blessing, says Legend3D CEO Rob Hummel.

For those who've never seen the 1986 film: Top Gun is essentially the original Tom Cruise blockbuster and features the A-lister as Maverick, a capable but cocky pilot who manages to be accepted into the Top Gun Naval Flying School. Once there, Maverick butts heads with his fellow hot-shot pilots, including the cool-as-his-name Iceman (Val Kilmer) - not to mention, struggles with issues over his father's infamous combat-related death, romances a civilian instructor named Charlie (Kelly McGillis), and flashes his shiny white teeth at anyone who gets in his way. ;-)

So, yeah, Top Gun is pretty much the quintessential 1980s action movie: hokey but fun, high-octane thrills, homoeroticism galore, and a soundtrack chock-full of famous '80s pop tunes (including the Oscar-winning "Take My Breath Away"). But is this a film that begs to be seen in 3D on the big screen?

Check out the original Top Gun trailer and see what you think:


Legend3D showed off a converted version of the famous "Danger Zone" aerial flight scene from Top Gun at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) this morning - and the results seemingly went over well enough with those in attendance. That make sense, seeing how Scott's film features many stylized flying sequences - not to mention, many pilot POV shots that should look pretty decent in 3D.

However, most people seem to be either all for or against converting classic titles into 3D, and there's little that can be said to change their minds. Plus: won't 3D versions of the flying sequences in Top Gun pale in comparison to those featured in films designed-for-3D, like Avatar and How To Train Your Dragon? Considering that you'll have to pay the same amount to see Cruise in 3D as you did those CGI-heavy flicks, it doesn't sound like a good deal.

We'll let you know when/if Top Gun becomes officially slated for a 3D theatrical release.

Source: THR


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