Kenny Loggins Wants To Reinvent Danger Zone Song For Top Gun 2

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Singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins says he plans on re-recording and reinventing the iconic song, "Danger Zone," for Top Gun: Maverick. The original Top Gun soundtrack hit the top of the charts when it released in 1986, so it isn't surprising that Loggins plans on returning for the film's sequel, which is now in production. After all, Top Gun 2 wouldn't be much of a sequel without the same anthem that inspired audiences, making its inclusion essential.

The film is poised to bring back that same sense of Top Gun nostalgia while adding new themes. Just in time for it's 2019 release date, the film will feature returning characters and new ones, in addition to Tom Cruise's Pete Mitchell. While there have been some small hiccups getting the film to the big screen, it's poised to recapture the feelings of the first film while updating them for a modern audience. Director Joseph Kosinski has teased that he'll be "updating" the look and feel of the Navy for the film. Meanwhile, Cruise has promised that the film will be balancing the iconic look and feel of the previous movie with brand new helicopter stunts.

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According to TMZ, one of the things potentially making a leap to the new film will be Kenny Loggins' famous song, "Danger Zone". TMZ caught up with Loggins who shared that he was putting out feelers for rockers, hoping to update the song by possibly making it a duet or having it played by a band. Loggins hinted that he'd been considering options after meeting with Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was in 2016 (he incorrectly states it was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon). Keeping a nostalgic and new material balance, the singer shared that he'd be fine with any of his choices "taking the reigns" on the song. Loggins also floated the idea of a walk-on role in the film, possibly jokingly, despite it being a fitting tribute to the singer.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently filming in San Diego, the site of the original film. While the film will be bringing back several familiar faces in addition to casting new ones, a number of things have changed. Outside of the world of the film MCAS Miramar is no longer a Naval flight academy. Despite that, there are plenty of iconic locations throughout San Diego that are still in business including the Kansas City Barbeque where Goose had his famous piano playing moment. Everything points to a mix of the new and old, which makes Loggins considering an update to the song smart.

While an update for the song is smart, the composer revealed that he's only considering rock groups at the moment, but he wouldn't reveal which ones. Any chance to rewrite a classic is a huge deal and whoever is chosen will produce something (hopefully) amazing. While some people may think that Loggins should consider recent chart-toppers like Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, or even Janelle Monae, it's possible the singer-songwriter wants to keep in the tradition of the original film by considering only rock groups and singers. Obviously, with his material his choice of collaborators, he will deliver an incredible anthem. Whatever happens with the film's soundtrack, the fact that the film's signature song might be in new hands is a great hint that Top:Gun Maverick will be delivering the blend of nostalgia and new ideas that's promised.

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Source: TMZ

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