Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise's Return Teased At CCXP [Updated]

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UPDATE: Paramount has reached out to Screen Rant and clarified that no NEW footage from Top Gun: Maverick screened during the studio's panel at CCXP. Instead, the clips included were from the original Top Gun. The article below has been left as originally published.


Tom Cruise returns as Maverick in descriptions for the first Top Gun: Maverick footage from CCXP. Paramount is giving the 80s cult classic another chance on the big screen after all these years. Production is still underway, but that didn't stop the studio from debuting some footage at Brazil's Comic Con.

One of Cruise's most famous early roles is that of hot shot pilot Maverick in Top Gun. The standalone movie had long been just that, but now Paramount is finally reviving it. Joseph Kosinski is set to direct the sequel after first working with Cruise on Oblivion. The new installment picks up Maverick's story over 30 years after audiences last saw him fly, but now he is a flight instructor training the next generation of pilots. One of these students will be the son of Goose - Maverick's best friend who died in the original 1986 film - and rising star Miles Teller is set to play him. The connections don't stop there, as Val Kilmer is also returning to his role as Iceman. After revealing a first look at Cruise suited up once again as production began, the first footage from Top Gun 2 has now been shown.

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Paramount held a panel at Brazil's Comic Con Experience (CCXP) and revealed new looks at several of their upcoming films. But, it was the first (albeit brief) look at Top Gun: Maverick that ended the show in style. Omelete shared that the teaser had several scenes from the first film in it, indicating there may be flashbacks included. Collider EIC Steven Weintraub gave a bit more detail, such as seeing Cruise in a jet again.

Top Gun Maverick Feel the Need teaser

These descriptions aren't the most detailed for those not able to attend the convention that still want to know what the footage held, but they will have to do for now. Even though production is now underway, the movie was recently pushed to a summer 2020 release. Originally, Top Gun 2 was scheduled to hit theaters next July, so a teaser may have been just around the corner from being officially released if that date was still held. Instead, fans should brace themselves for what will likely be a long wait until the first Top Gun 2 teaser arrives.

Despite the prior setbacks for the sequel, there have still been plenty of exciting updates. Mission: Impossible - Fallout's Christopher McQuarrie was recently revealed to have helped work on the script, while Hans Zimmer is set to score the sequel. The movie also features a great cast alongside Cruise, Kilmer, and Teller, with Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm, and more set to appear. Hopefully all of this talent will help ensure that Top Gun: Maverick delivers a satisfying next chapter.

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Sources: Omelete, Steven Weintraub

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