Top Gun 2 Casts Ed Harris, Jon Hamm & Lewis Pullman in Mystery Roles

Ed Harris as Man in Black in Westworld

The long-awaited sequel, Tom Cruise-led, Navy pilot drama Top Gun 2 just added Jon Hamm, Ed Harris & Lewis Pullman to the ever-growing cast list.  This news follows earlier reports of Val Kilmer's return, as well as new additions Miles Teller, Glen Powell and Monica Barbaro.

This sequel - officially titled Top Gun: Maverick - has big shoes to fill, as it continues the story of the cherished original from the 80s about a group of student aviators in the Navy's flight school program. Tony Scott directed the film that starred Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards, and went on to acquire near-cult status among fans, as well as a spot in the National Film Registry of the US Library of Congress. Cruise confirmed a sequel back in May and caused near pandemonium for aspiring Mavericks everywhere after posting an Instagram picture in a flight suit with the caption: "#Day1", referencing the first day of filming.

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Deadline just announced three additional casting choices in Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Westworld's Ed Harris, and actor Bill Pullman's son Lewis Pullman. The roles the three have been cast in are so far unknown, as the only plot information currently available is Cruise's character's new role as a flight instructor. Hamm and Harris will most likely fill additional flight instructor roles, while Pullman will probably join Teller as a student. However, there isn't enough information to know for sure.

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Joseph Kosinski of Tron Legacy will direct his Oblivion actor Cruise, and put his own stamp on the famous film, as the director of the original, Tony Scott, passed away in 2012. With a thirty-three year gap between it and the original, Top Gun: Maverick is sure to differ from the previous film in more ways than just this one.

Harris and Hamm, both known for their roles in intense TV dramas will undoubtedly add intrigue to this already anticipated sequel. Top Gun: Maverick, set to hit theaters next summer, should have no problem drawing in both fans of the beloved classic and Top Gun newbies, primarily due to its stacked cast. The previous announcement of Teller's casting choice foreshadows conflicts for Maverick, as Teller will be portraying the son of Anthony Edwards' character Goose, who died tragically in the original film. How will the once guilt-ridden Maverick handle encounters with the son of his late friend, whose death he feels responsible for? Fans will find out in 2019.

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Source: Deadline

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