Many of the con men on our list are already pre-formed by the time the film begins, but Catch Me If You Can follows one con boy/man from first con to last. Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) starts out as an idyllic teenager who wants nothing more than to see his parents happy. However, as things start to unravel at home, Abagnale turns to small (we use that term loosely) cons as a form of escape. Those small cons soon turn into elaborate second lives, and before long Abagnale is on the FBI's most wanted list.

But what truly makes Frank Abagnale Jr. one of our favorite con men is that such a man did exist, and he really did go on to work for the FBI. Granted, not all of the events in the film are true to life, but that shouldn't undercut either the fictional or the real Frank Abagnale Jr.

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