7 Favorite 'Chosen One' Movie Heroes

Stories of good against evil are very popular among film fans. The old cliche is that a great story needs a great villain - but it helps if the hero is great as well.

One of the more famous tropes is to make the hero a “chosen one” - either via prophecy or extreme circumstances - creating a story that’s about fulfilling his/her destiny. This raises the stakes by marking a character as the only one capable of completing the all-important task the story revolves around. In Ender’s Game, Ender Wiggin is selected as the last hope for humanity; if he fails, the aliens win and all is lost.

To coincide with the release of Ender’s Game, we have compiled a list of our 7 favorite “chosen one” movie heroes. (Keep in mind that the films do NOT have to feature a prophecy to make the list.)

Shriek and Carnage in Marvel Comics Venom
Venom 2 Features Spider-Man Villain Shriek (As Well As Carnage)

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