Top 5 Movies Where Nazis Get OWNED!

Sure, Nazis have gotten "owned" by gunfire, carefully-plotted artillery rounds, blown up bridges and even baseball bats (see: Inglourious Basterds). Show me another film where the Nazis get their faces melted like crayola crayons in a microwave! Raiders of the Lost Ark isn't just my favorite movie, it's Hollywood's best offering for seeing these nefarious bad guys get theirs. It also STILL retains the highest potential for a wide audience with subject matter (adventure, humor) that other films on this list just can't claim. This initial installment of Indiana Jones and his adventures simply has more staying-power than most other films (even the classic The Longest Day, which would be Sominex for most younger audiences), and won't soon be trumped.

I remember as an 11-year-old knowing that the Nazis were "bad" and that Indy and co. were good. The reason? Watch Indy OWN THEM ALL. When Indy doesn't own them "the power of God, or something" does. It's a TRUE example of good triumphing over evil and that's why it serves as the pinnacle of Nazi ownage!

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