5 Best Anthropomorphic Foods In Film

In the realm of all things foodie, nobody can deny the universal appeal of a tasty pizza pie. That's exactly why Pizza the Hutt, the ancillary heavy in Mel Brooks' Spaceballs, proves so utterly revolting - in fact, he's probably the only entry on this list that may discourage, rather than induce, hunger.

Forget that he's out for Lone Star and Barf's blood, and that Brooks regular Dom DeLuise voices the Italian gangster to slimy perfection, that's one nauseating slice.

Fortunately, Pizza only pops up in the film once - when his name comes up again, it's only through a radio bulletin announcing his death. He eats himself, confirming that Pizza is indeed quite as delicious as his right-hand man testifies when Brooks first introduces them.

Of course, that gets a cheer out of our heroes and us, because we really don't need to see Pizza's face more than once.

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