Top 10 True Crime TV Shows To Watch Right Now

Making a Murderer season 3

Ever since we started streaming season one of the popular podcast Serial, it's safe to say that we have been obsessed with true crime. While we might feel a bit of apprehension about becoming so invested in disturbing stories that actually happened, we only have to listen to a few minutes of a true crime podcast or watch one episode of a true crime TV show to forget all about that. These tales are fascinating and we're here for them. We're not alone and we know at least a few people who love this genre as much as we do. Thankfully, there are lots of television series to become interested in. Here are the top 10 true crime TV shows to watch right now.

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10 Dirty John


This TV adaptation of the popular true crime podcast will premiere November 25th on Bravo, and if you listened to this crazy true story, you probably can't wait to watch.

Dirty John is about John Meehan (Eric Bana) and Debra Newell (the great Connie Britton) who are not your ordinary couple. After Newell started dating Meehan, she realized that he was a con man. Like all true crime, the tale seems stranger than anything that could ever be fictional, and if you love this genre, this is one true crime TV show that you won't want to miss (and will tell everyone that you know to watch).

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9 The Staircase

Digital Spy

You may have heard of the French TV series The Staircase and you also may have noticed the same title while searching for something to watch on Netflix recently. According to Esquire, Netflix's The Staircase has three additional episodes with new intrigue and information.

What is The Staircase all about? The story follows author Michael Peterson and the 2001 death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson. As is often the case with crime, the husband (or wife) is the first suspect, and Peterson was charged with her murder. Of course, true crime wouldn't be true crime without the phrase "it's not as simple as that" and that definitely applies here.

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8 Evil Genius

Hollywood Reporter

With a title like Evil Genius, well, we're already interested. And when we know that a true crime TV series is streaming on Netflix, that's even more incentive to tune in.

GQ says that this show "investigates one of the most insane bank robberies of all time". It's about a 2003 bank robbery in Erie, Pennsylvania and several deaths that appears to be connected to Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who, according to GQ, is the "evil genius" in question. This is one of those true crime tales that sounds very complicated to explain, but we know that once we watch the first episode, we're going to be hooked.

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7 The Keepers


The 2017 Netflix true crime series is as sad as it is fascinating. The show is about an English teacher and nun named Sister Cathy Cesnik who went missing and was then found murdered in 1969. As the director Ryan White told Vanity Fair, "The truth had been deliberately buried from the beginning".

According to VF, "Indeed, what begins as an investigation into a cold case soon becomes the story of a concerted effort to conceal widespread rape and sexual abuse committed by Keough school chaplain and counselor Father Joseph Maskell, as well as other clergy, police, and a local gynecologist". This will be a tough one to watch, but it's an important story.

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6 Killer Kids


It's easy to assume that kids are innocent and would never commit crimes such as murder, unlike (unfortunately) some adults. That assumption would be wrong, of course, since we do hear horror stories about kids and teenagers from time to time in the news. The Netflix series Killer Kids proves that assumption to be incorrect as well and is about child murderers.

When we've exhausted our list of true crime television shows, this is another one to add to the list. If any of us have ever asked questions about why kids would do something like this, then this is the show that will (hopefully) give us answers.

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5 The Killing Fields

Hollywood Reporter

When a murder case goes cold and there is no conclusion or conviction, it's incredibly painful and devastating for the loved ones of the deceased. At the same time, it makes for a fascinating true crime TV series that keeps people watching episode after episode.

The Killing Fields, which has three seasons, airs on the Discovery Channel and follows the 1997 murder of Louisiana grad student Eugenie Boisfontaine. Before you tune in, you should know that 60 other females disappeared/were murdered in the same place, which begs the question of who was responsible for this student's death. It could have been connected or an individual case.

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4 The Confession Tapes


Murderers confessing is something that every true crime fan who starts watching a TV show or listening to a podcast wants to hear. If there is a cold case, we want the crime to be resolved, and we know that the family of the deceased does, too. Unfortunately, some cases are never solved.

Also unfortunately, these can actually be false or someone can be convinced to say that they committed a crime that they didn't. According to Netflix, The Confession Tapes (which was released in 2017) "investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim [they] were coerced, involuntary or false". Fans of the genre would be interested in this series from that description alone.

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3 I Am A Killer


It's clear from the title of this television show that it's going to be about people who have actually killed and there will be no ifs, ands, or buts about their guilt or innocence.

Also on Netflix, this true crime series (10 episodes are streaming now), features male murderers speaking about, well, murdering people. It's really as simple as that. Oh yeah, and they're also on death row, which isn't exactly something that we see every day.

As Rolling Stone puts it, "While the series lacks gender diversity — there are currently 51 women on death row – each case is fascinating and horrifying in its own unique way".

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2 The Jinx


The Jinx is a classic of the true crime genre. Those of us who haven't seen the 2015 HBO series about Robert Durst definitely need to watch it ASAP. At the very least, we know the ending which has now become infamous: Durst said during the last episode, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course".

The Andrew Jarecki-directed six-episode series is about a few different crimes, including when his wife, Kathie, went missing in 1982. The others are the 2000 murder of Susan Berman, and Durst's neighbor Morris Black's murder in 2001. According to CNN, Durst has been charged with Berman's murder. There is news that he will face a trial soon.

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1 Making A Murderer

Digital Spy

You need to run to Netflix to watch the two seasons of this true crime series if you haven't yet. The show follows Steven Avery, who was charged with the murder of a young woman named Teresa Halbach. He claims he didn't do it.

That would be crazy enough (and reason enough for a documentary series) but there's also the fact that only two years before this murder charge, Avery was in jail for 18 years for a sexual assault that he says he didn't do, either. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, was also charged.

While the show has received criticism for being "one-sided" and seeming to insist that Avery was wrongfully charged, it's still worth watching and is a staple of the true crime TV genre.

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