Our 10 Favorite Time Travel Movies

Frequency Time Travel Movie

The premise of Frequency seems to have the makings of a Disney-approved, heartwarming take on sci-fi: a strange phenomenon allows John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) to speak - via ham radio - with his father Frank (Dennis Quaid) thirty years in the past.

The chance to make up for lost time takes a turn when John - a police officer - realizes that his father could offer insight into the cold case he's currently working (with the murders still yet to take place in Frank's timeline). But with every bit of information that passes from father to son, the future is changed.

The story isn't a conventional time travel tale, since only the pair's words are actually crossing from one timeline to the other. But the idea of two men solving a crime thirty years apart is an inspired twist on 'changing the past.' The family ties add an emotional element as well, making Frequency one underrated movie.

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