Our 10 Favorite Time Travel Movies

Deja Vu Time Travel Movie

Since the film rested in the hands of director Tony Scott, movie fans knew they were going to get something stylish with Déjà Vu. As yet another collaboration between Scott and leading man Denzel Washington, the film also followed an ATF agent's attempts to uncover the man behind a shocking terrorist attack.

But instead of using traditional time travel, Washington's character 'Doug Carlin' is only able to look into the days leading up to the bombing; but deciding where to look is the real challenge. The mental seeds of time paradoxes are planted early, but the fact that the movie actually managed to include a chase scene between two cars traveling days apart is a testament to its originality.

Like many of Scott's films, Déjà Vu may not have attained 'classic' status, but proves that the late director never failed to thrill, no matter how outlandish the plot.

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