Our 10 Favorite Time Travel Movies

Back to the Future Time Travel Movie

There are only a select number of '80s films which can claim to be timeless, with Back to the Future chief among them. While the debate over which was better, the original or Back to the Future 2 will rage on for all time, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is beyond immortal to more than one generation.

It's hard to say how much his time machine of choice is to credit for that, since Doc Brown's DeLorean puts the rest of our list to shame. But most of the credit sits squarely on McFly's shoulders for deciding that forever altering the course of the future was too good to pass up.

By inventing rock and roll, giving a busboy the drive to become mayor, and giving his father an idea that would make him a wealthy novelist, Marty proved time travelers who worry only about 'saving the world' are missing the point entirely.

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