Top 10 Movie Moments of 2012

The Alien franchise has always offered a horrific vision of birthing gone terribly wrong, but Ridley Scott's Alien quasi-prequel film, Prometheus, pushed that metaphor to a more literal extreme.

You may need a chart to explain how it actually happened, but the short version is that after some sexually-transmitted exposure to alien bacteria, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) becomes "impregnated" with an alien organism. In an act of masochistic bravery, Shaw climbs inside the ship's "surgery pod" for an impromptu C-section to remove the grotesque squid-like baby inside of her.

Several viewers made a swift exit from the theater during my viewing of Prometheus, and those of us who remained were writhing in our seats. Ridley Scott is a master at reflecting the horrors of biology, and we're pretty sure that men everywhere gained new respect for the pains of motherhood after viewing this sequence.

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