Top 10 Movie Moments of 2012

There's a long-standing tradition of Quentin Tarantino opening his films with a scene that firmly establishes the witty, outrageous and often violent nature of his cinematic stories - and Django Unchained is no exception.

After a montage of a slave chain-gang being taken on a brutal march across harsh terrains, we are introduced to the charismatic Dr. King Schultz (Christop Waltz). Schultz tries to acquire his query, Django (Jamie Foxx), in well-mannered fashion, but when the finicky Speck Brothers choose the route of violence, Schultz reveals to them (and the audience) his own violent nature.

In a monologue that is pure Tarantino, Dr. King (get it?) leaves the remaining slaves with "two options": help the surviving Speck brother reach the nearest doctor, or free themselves from bondage, kill their cruel master and follow the North Star to a more "enlightened area of the country." After that introduction, we were saddled up for the entire bloody ride.

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