10 Movies That Need a Blu-ray Release

#2: The Jurassic Park Trilogy

The first of the dinosaur trilogy is one of the most memorable films of its genre. Jurassic Park is the most deserving of the three to make the Blu-ray jump. The combination of sound and visuals was a sight to behold. The special effects and CGI have held up quite nicely and an upgrade to Blu-ray would serve its purpose even better.

With rumors of a new Jurassic Park trilogy constantly swirling, now is a great time to get to work. Set a release date to coincide with the new graphic novel and see where it goes. While JP2 and JP3 have their weak points, they round out a trilogy nicely and each add their own element. For instance, the raptors in the wheat fields of the second installment still holds a place in my heart. In the third one, they went back to the success of the first, similar to the pattern Indiana Jones weaved. While it is not perfect by any stretch, there is much to be enjoyed. All three provide exceptional sound design and visuals that will stick with you for years. For this reason alone, it deserves a big old Blu-ray box.

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