10 Unique Horror Film Deaths

We were first introduced to the ugly mug and the murderous tendencies of Freddy Krueger in the original Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. In the film, we were also introduced to a young actor that would later become one of Hollywood's biggest stars - Johnny Depp. Depp played Glen, the boyfriend of central heroine Nancy, who tragically falls asleep in front of his television while lying in bed.

Over the years we've seen Krueger dispatch his teenage victims in an innumerable amount of ways, but to this day, we've never seen one like this. In fact, we're not quite sure what happens to poor Glen, other than that he is sucked into his bed and has his blood spewed across the ceiling in a geyser. Was he eaten? Was he liquefied? One thing we do know is Glen didn't make it out of this one.

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