10 Unique Horror Film Deaths

The original Scream was credited for revitalizing not only Wes Craven's career as a horror director, but also the slasher genre itself. The film's success was largely due to its tongue-and-cheek approach, with the script poking fun at horror film cliches and character archetypes.

Rose McGowan's character Tatum is the tough and sassy best friend of our main character Sidney, who appears to fend off the killer Ghostface by pelting him with beer bottles in the garage. After realizing that he is blocking the only entryway back into the house, she attempts to flee through the dog door at the bottom of the garage door, but gets stuck. Ghostface, who has appeared somewhat bumbling and clumsy up to this point, finally gets a little clever. Instead of chasing after her, he simply pushes the garage door button and lets the rest take care of itself. This is the only time (that I can recall at least) that a doggie door has been used as a lethal weapon and one of the few times that the audience kinda has to hand it to the killer. Well done Ghostface. Well done.

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