10 Unique Horror Film Deaths


M Night Shyamalan may have lost his way a bit in recent years with underwhelming releases such as The Last Airbender, Lady in the Water and The Happening, but there's no denying he has maintained a unique style and voice in his films, specifically in the horror genre. He certainly developed an original, albeit preposterous, story for The Happening, a film that centers on a group of survivors attempting to escape an invisible environmental airborne plague that induces mass suicide.

However, the ridiculous premise did give us some original and unique moments like the lawnmower scene, in which an infected plague victim lays down on the ground in front of a running industrial size grass-cutter. Couldn't he have picked a less messy, less painful way to go? Shyamalan didn't cut away - while the mower cut the guy to pieces. Yuck.

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