10 Unique Horror Film Deaths

Halloween is upon us once again and if you are like me, there's only one thing you will be doing on the spookiest night of the year. No, not dressing up as Goose from Top Gun or McLovin from Superbad and going trick-or-treating. You are not going to be attending a party - trying to win a costume contest or a bob-for-apples competition.

If you are a true movie fan (and lover of Halloween), you will be sitting in a dark room somewhere, possibly with your favorite treat and some friends, watching a marathon of horror films. And if you do this every year like me, then you know all the classic cliches and the common ways that our unsuspecting protagonists end up in body bags. That's why I thought it would be fun this year to list some of the more unique death scenes that have appeared in horror films. Now keep in mind that many of these are disturbing, gory, gruesome and some are well...downright disgusting, but that comes with the territory, right? It's also worth mentioning that scenes reveal SPOILERS for their respective films. Proceed through this list of 10 unique horror film deaths with caution...

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