The 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2011

ryan reynolds green lantern movie

This particular DC comic book flick has stirred up more debate than any other 2011 blockbuster. Pre-release buzz varied from hostile (see: early reactions to the incomplete CGI Lantern costume) to ecstatic (see: responses to the WonderCon footage). When the actual movie was released, the majority of moviegoers were undeniably disappointed - and yet, a passionate minority continues to insist that Green Lantern got an unfair bum rap from critics. (Go figure.)

As far as we here at Screen Rant are concerned, Green Lantern was the biggest letdown of 2011 - not only because of how it fumbled the supehero's mythology, but also because it had weak dialogue, a lackluster plot, curious lapses in character motivation, and expensive digital effects that distracted from (rather than enhancing) the film's messy thematic arc.

At the end of the day, this is one comic book property that we'd support getting a fresh start - be it via a "rebooting sequel" (see: G.I. Joe 2) or a standard do-over (see: The Incredible Hulk).

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