The 10 Most Badass Movie Combat Units

What makes a team worthy of the number one spot on our list? In my opinion, it is the adherence to a strict code of honor -  protecting those who cannot protect themselves, even when nothing is gained and so much is lost. No film illustrates this principal better than Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai - and by extension, John Sturges' Western-era remake, The Magnificent Seven.

In each version, a small village is repeatedly pillaged by bandits, and the villagers recruit a famous warrior to defend them - who in turn recruits six other skilled warriors. When the bandits try to lay siege to the village, the warriors stand their ground - even though some of the petty villagers do not deserve their loyalty. The bandits are ultimately defeated, but victory is bittersweet: the warriors gain nothing, and suffer heavy losses.

Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven remind us that a warrior's code - while a powerful and honorable thing - often comes with many scars, and few rewards. It takes the utmost strength of character to know that and still step onto a battlefield to defend the meek and (not so) innocent - making this a story of noble sacrifice so badass, they had to tell it twice.

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