10 Toon Disney Shows That should be on Disney+ (But Still Aren’t)


Thanks to the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, fans of the mouse house young and old can finally have their pick of movies, shows, and original content brought to us by the Disney studios. Personally, we're looking forward to some long-remembered animated series to enjoy once more. Still, something seems to be missing.

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There are a lot of familiar faces on Disney's impressive list, but as much as we love Disney Channel and Disney Afternoon Classics, there seem to be titles from Toon Disney that didn't make the cut. Today's list covers any shows that aired on the network not present for Disney+. How many of your favorites fell through the cracks?

10 The Weekenders

Teen-focused sitcoms started to grow in popularity towards the late '90s and early 2000s. Shows that dealt with school settings, social drama, and the perils of growing up seemed to be the order of the day. But sometimes, viewers want a cast that's a little more animated. Enter The Weekenders.

While Nickelodeon had shows like As Told by Ginger, Disney's Weekenders was known for its distinctive artistic style, catchy theme song performed by Wayne Brady, and a talented vocal cast. It ran for four seasons and deserves to be seen by new eyes. Until then, we'll have to bid Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish later days.

9 Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann, Nicky, and Milo walking to school in Pepper Ann

Continuing on with the teen/tween focused shows, we've got a more colorful entry on our list and her name is Pepper Ann. Pepper Ann not only stood out from shows of its breed thanks to its colorful fantasy sequences but because it was also the first Disney animated series to be created by a woman, Sue Rose.

The characters all have unique and colorful designs, Pepper Ann has a personality all her own, and the show was definitely enjoyed by a wide audience. We're actually pretty sad to see the spunky redhead not present on Disney+'s list.

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8 The Proud Family

The Proud Family


Now here's a missing member of the Disney line-up that definitely ruffled a few feathers. The Proud Family was an animated sitcom in the way of Family Matters featuring a mostly African-American cast. The show was definitely a quirky and stylish fan-favorite when it aired on Disney's networks, it even had its own TV movie and a crossover with Lilo and Stitch.

Penny, Oscar, Trudy, Suga Mama and all the rest were definitely some of Disney's most memorable sitcom characters, even rivaling their live-action competition. So we can't understand why they didn't make the list. If any sitcom needed an update, it's this one.

7 Lloyd in Space

Lloyd in Space ABC show

Now here's a Toon Disney original that had one of the most creative ideas for an animated series. A sitcom featuring a cast of interplanetary kids on a space station in the far future? How did this not make Disney+ again? With humor, heart, and alien lifeforms abound, we miss Lloyd in Space.

The series follows Lloyd, an alien kid living in Intrepidville, a giant space station. Lloyd and his friends often embarked on standard tween/teen sitcom adventures, but with a creative sci-fi twist. The show was completed in 2003 and went off the air in 2004, we definitely think a premise like this would do well on the streaming service.

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6 Dave the Barbarian

Dave the Barbarian Disney show

Some of Toon Disney's shows were creative, some were really well-designed, and some were just plain weird. Dave the Barbarian was definitely weird. In a show that parodied fantasy and medieval tropes and stereotypes, the series followed Dave the Barbarian and his family as they protected the land of Udrogoth from various outlandish threats.

Though the show went off the air in 2009 when Toon Disney shut down, many the show's elements definitely fell into newer projects like The 7 D and Gravity Falls. Considering weirder Disney shows have been getting a bigger audience in recent years, perhaps Dave needs a comeback?

5 Filmore

Now here's a show with not only an interesting premise but an interesting delivery, style, and writing that was definitely unexpectedly clever. Think of a crime or police drama and set it in a middle school with hall-monitors instead of cops. That's Filmore. Think of it as your first Law and Order.

Despite its kid-friendly and recognizable setting, the show had some solid writing behind it in a style that both paid tribute and parodied famous crime shows. Filmore not only needs to be seen on Disney+ it needs to be seen period. It was a show ahead of its time.

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4 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

If ever there was a Disney character that deserved their own spin-off series, it was Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear of Star Command was Buzz's own superhero/sci-fi series that pitted him and his team of Space Rangers against the forces of Evil Emporer Zurg and a legion of other villains and monsters.

With the love for Pixar and the Toy Story series saturating the Disney fandom, putting this show on Disney's streaming service should have been a no-brainer. No offense to Woody and the Roundup Gang, but we'd love to report to Star Command one more time.

3 Aladdin (The Series)

Aladdin Disney TV Show

Definitely one of the network's iconic shows, Disney's Aladdin series took us farther into the world of Arabian Nights than we thought possible. We were so enchanted by the city of Agrabah, we loved seeing the other characters and lands beyond the city walls. From desert bandits to various mystics and monsters, Aladdin definitely had more than a few adventures to offer.

If the Hercules series made the list, why wasn't Aladdin invited to the party? Though the animation style is somewhat dated and a little flat, and Dan Castelanetta's Genie is no Robin Williams, the show was still solid and definitely entertaining.

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2 The Legend of Tarzan

Legend of Tarzan Disney TV Show

Yet another animated spinoff that deserves more credit, The Legend of Tarzan was an animated series that was wild in every sense of the word. Definitely better than any of its straight-to-video sequels, Tarzan's animated series not only picked up where the film left off but gave us some very thrilling adventures and dangers as well.

The series shows the continuing adventures of Tarzan, Jane, the Professor, Turk, Tantor, and all the rest of Tarzan's jungle crew. They go up against savage poachers, wild predators, and a number of other threats as well. A series in need of a second chance, The Legend of Tarzan should swing to Disney+.

1 House of Mouse

This is perhaps Disney's biggest slice of fan-service they've ever devised, one of the most beloved animated series they've ever aired, and many a fan's favorite version of the master mouse himself, yet they didn't put it on Disney+. Yes, we're still rocking at the House of Mouse.

Picture it, a series that incorporates not only Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the gang, but nearly every classic Disney animated character in their roster. All the princesses, all the villains, all the sidekicks, and everyone in between all under one roof! Disney, wake up and smell the coffee. How is this not coming to Disney+?

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