Too Old To Die Young Teaser: Nicolas Winding Refn Brings Crime To Amazon

The first look at Amazon’s Too Old To Die Young delivers the kind of stylish neo-noir audiences have come to expect from Nicolas Winding Refn. The upcoming series further demonstrates the director’s interest in shining a neon light on the seediest side of the underworld. From teaser it’s clear that Refn is in full Drive and Only God Forgives mode here, as the first glimpse at the series delivers what could be considered a follow-up to his voguish crime movies, this time spread out over 10 episodes.

From the look of things, Refn hasn’t been limited at all by his move to a streaming platform. It might be safe to say he’s likely facing fewer restrictions at Amazon, which likely bodes well for the series from a creative standpoint, as the director certainly has a flair for producing visually compelling work. Thankfully, Refn also has teamed up with award-winning comics and TV writer Ed Brubaker, who thanks to his work on titles like Criminal, Kill or Be Killed, and Sleeper, also knows a thing or two about weaving a quality yarn involving unsavory types involved in equally unsavory dealings. 

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True to form, the teaser trailer offers up just a small sampling of the series. There’s no dialogue, and no real idea as to what the story is actually about. There are, however, plenty of gorgeous shots that hint at the criminal goings-on carried out by the likes of Miles Teller, Jenna Malone, John Hawkes, and Billy Baldwin. 

Miles Teller in Too Old To Die Young

There is plenty of atmosphere here, as the teaser is comprised of both footage from the series and a number of still images that make terrific use of the gritty urban setting, as well as the director’s fondness for all things neon. The result is something that’s incredibly effective, especially for those who are fans of pulpy noir stories with style to spare. 

In addition to the promise of all 10 episodes being directed by Refn, Too Old To Die Young boasts an impressive cast led by Teller, as mentioned above. Though there’s admittedly not a lot to go on, Teller appears well suited to his role here. While future trailers will hopefully provide a better idea of the series’ tone (which, come on, is probably going to black as pitch), plot, and the part Teller is playing, it will be interesting to see if his performance in this series does for his career what Drive did for Ryan Gosling. Hopefully we’ll be getting another look at the series before too long. 

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Too Old To Die Young doesn’t have a premiere date, but it is expected to stream on Amazon Prime in 2018/2019. 

Source: Nicolas Winding Refn, Indiewire

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