15 Worst Things Tony Stark Has Done In The MCU

Iron Man may be the central figure of the MCU, but Tony Stark has done some pretty awful things over the course of his many movie appearances.

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark

Who could ever forget the man who kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe? When Iron Man came out in theaters, no one could have ever predicted the deluge of comic book movies that would soon follow, leading to incredible cinematic universes, and several comic book stories coming to life.

Tony Stark has been through it all. He’s seen it all. He’s been a part of it all. And through his tenure as one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he’s done some pretty amazing things. He’s a genius, no doubt and his heroism can’t be undersold.

But along the way, Tony Stark has done some pretty bad things, to the point that it's surprising he's still an Avenger. Plus, a lot of the time he never apologizes for his inconsiderate and downright stupid behavior. On top of all that, he’s a huge jerk to a lot of his fellow comrades.

So, in case you forgot, here are just a few of the incredibly terrible things Tony Stark has been directly responsible for in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These are the 15 Worst Things Tony Stark Has Done In The MCU.

15 Created Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron

Yeah, the big baddie in the second Avengers movie was created by Tony Stark. The sadistic and insane robot that wanted to take over the world and rid it of all humans because he saw them as a nuisance — a Stark invention.

Sure, he may have had pure intentions when he was putting this murderous artificial intelligence together, but in the end, he still created the technology that nearly destroyed the entire world, and did, in fact, destroy a large portion of the country of Sokovia. It also put in motion the events that would lead to The Sokovia Accords (we’ll get to that in a bit), which led to a huge fissure between the two camps of The Avengers, which will not be easily closed.

As much as he wants to blame Ultron for the killing rampage, the fact remains that if Tony didn’t invent him, The Avengers could have taken the day off.

14 The Sokovia Accords

Sokovia Accords

Whether you are Team Cap or Team Iron Man in the Civil War debate, the fact of the matter is this — the Sokovia Accords wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Stark’s reckless behavior in creating Ultron, the robot that nearly wiped Sokovia off the face of the planet.

So, when Tony comes in and tells the other superheroes that they need to sign an agreement stating that they need supervision, it’s understandable that some would be opposed. Captain America, Falcon, or Hawkeye didn’t create the being that tried to destroy a country. They just were quietly doing their missions. Sure, Scarlet Witch accidentally blew up a building during one of those missions, but that happens when you’re trying to rescue people sometimes. There are going to be casualties.

For Stark to have the arrogance to present the team with these Accords - just allay to his own guilt over his own actions - is out of line.

13 Tried To Get Banner To Hulk Out In The Helicarrier

When The Avengers first “assemble” on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier, it’s a pretty tense moment. The team doesn’t initially see eye-to-eye, but just about everyone can agree that Tony Stark is a big a-hole. He undermines the operation almost immediately, stealing information from the Helicarrier’s computers, belittling everyone on board, and worst of all, he tried to get Bruce Banner to Hulk out on board.

That’s right, he tried to unleash the giant, green, murder machine within the first few minutes of meeting Bruce Banner. He began poking him, antagonizing him, and admitting that he wants to see what’ll happen.

Um, what will happen isn’t good, Tony. You should know that because The Hulk went and destroyed a huge chunk of New York City the last time he got angry. And now you’re trying to provoke him while you’re in an enclosed area? To quote Tony Stark himself, “Not a great plan.”

12 Almost Got Pepper Potts Killed

Pepper Potts

Lucky for Tony Stark, several events unfolded without his knowledge during the story of Iron Man 3. But one of the most critical and important aspects of this movie is the fact that Pepper Potts was infected with the Extremis Virus. The virus ultimately saved her life, but Tony Stark had no idea Potts was carrying the virus with her when she seemingly plummeted to her death.

For all Tony knew, this was the end of his lover. She was crashing down to the earth and landing in a fiery hell. Just another day on the job for Iron Man; getting the love of his life killed by the bad guy.

If you really think about it, the person who saved Pepper’s life was the villain of that movie. Tony was just lucked out, and everything worked in his favor.

11 Tried To Kill Captain America

Captain America: Civil War - Cap vs. Iron Man

Well, if you haven’t seen Civil War, you’re in for a treat. You get to see some of your favorite superheroes clash in a few epic battles that seem surreal when you’re watching them on screen. But the crux of the issue is between Captain America and Iron Man, and Iron Man doesn’t pull any punches.

While you can see that Captain America is restraining himself and only trying to subdue Tony Stark, the same can’t be said for Stark at all. Stark approaches these situations with murderous intent, lashing out in an almost fugue state due to his feelings of betrayal and grief over the loss of his parents (decades ago, but still).

Thankfully, Captain America emerges victorious, and leaves Tony restrained after a hard-fought battle. If it were the other way around, who knows how far Iron Man would have gone in order to win the fight…

10 Tried To Kill Winter Soldier

Civil War Winter Soldier

One of the bigger twists revealed in Civil War is that Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, was the person responsible for the death of Tony Stark’s parents. Captain America knew, Bucky knew, just about everyone knew except Tony. When Tony finally figures it all out, he instantly tries to kill Bucky.

Never mind the fact that he was under Hydra mind control, never mind that he has no recollection of his actions, and never mind the fact that it happened decades ago, Stark flies into a crazed lunacy and begins attacking Cap and Bucky.

Yes, it sucks that The Winter Soldier killed your parents, but killing Bucky now isn’t going to bring them back, and it’s definitely not going to help anyone. Get a grip, Stark.

9 Tried To Kill Hulk

Hulk vs Hulkbuster Johannesburg Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Not only did Tony try to get everyone on board the Helicarrier killed by unleashing The Hulk within its confines, he would later try to kill The Hulk himself.

One of the epic showdowns in The Avengers: Age of Ultron was the fight between Iron Man and The Hulk. Iron Man was equipped with his Hulkbuster armor — armor specifically designed to destroy his close friend and ally — and the fight went about as well as you would think. Loads of destruction and punches thrown, but Iron Man’s intentions don’t seem pure. He seems to want to put The Hulk down for good, and the fight is just plain brutal.

Watching Iron Man slam The Hulk’s head into the ground repeatedly is just tough to watch, even if it is all CGI.

8 Was A Total Jerk To War Machine

War Machine and Iron Man in Iron Man 2

One of Tony Stark’s very few solid relationships throughout the Iron Man movies is with his buddy, James Rhodes, who would later become War Machine. But not without staunch opposition from Tony Stark.

In fact, if Stark had his way, there wouldn't even be a War Machine. Tony didn’t want to give up any of his Iron Man suits to anyone, even the responsible and heroic Rhodes. So when Rhodes has enough of Tony’s bullcrap, he just up and steals one of the armored suits. Tony is pissed about this, even though War Machine had just saved him in a grueling battle.

Plus, any and all interactions Stark has with Rhodes are full of condescension and belittling. It’s a wonder that Rhodes has stayed by Tony’s side for so long.

7 Brought Spider-Man Into Civil War

Captain America Civil War - Spider-Man and War Machine Airport Battle

When Tony Stark realizes that he and Captain America are about to come to blows in an all-out war with each other, he decides that he needs an ace-in-the-hole. Who does he get? A teenager from Queens, NY.

It turned out well for Tony and Peter Parker, but you have to realize that Tony Stark swooped in and grabbed a kid who hadn’t been superhero-ing for very long, and brought him to a foreign country to fight against some of the most powerful superheroes in the world - all without informing said kid's guardian of the risks of what he was actually doing. How irresponsible is that?

Plus, he surely didn’t explain Captain America’s side adequately, and just brainwashed poor Peter Parker into thinking everything he says is right.

Plus he creepily hit on Aunt May right in front of Peter. What a douche.

6 Tried To Kill Thor

Iron Man vs. Thor vs. Captain America

Here we go, another example of Tony trying to kill one of his teammates. Granted, Stark didn’t know what team Thor was on when this fight broke out, but the two went at it, and Tony held nothing back.

The two tried to kill each other, but it was Thor who was in the right here. He was going to bring his brother back to Asgard to be dealt with, when Tony selfishly and foolishly demands that Loki stay on Earth and answer to him. Asgard is certainly better equipped to deal with a threat like Loki, but Tony goes right ahead and fights Thor anyway.

Thank goodness for Captain America breaking this fight up, because it was starting to get ugly. Who knows what could have happened if he didn’t show up.

5 Got Drunk While Wearing The Iron Man Suit

drunk iron man

Fans of the comics know all about Tony Stark’s alcohol abuse. It was one of the wrinkles in his character that made him unique and stand out among the rest. Fans of the MCU haven’t seen this concept explored thoroughly, except in this case.

While at a party, Tony gets wasted and puts on an Iron Man suit. He starts blasting things willy-nilly and acts like an absolute ass. While this is not only irresponsible and dangerous, it has to be illegal. There are strict laws against firing firearms, you have to imagine those laws probably apply to Stark’s Iron Man suit.

He’s lucky no one at the party got hurt, otherwise he may have ended up in jail, which may have done him some good anyway.

4 Inadvertently Created The Mandarin

Aldrich Killian Iron Man 3

Tony Stark has a way with inadvertently creating his worst enemies. He’s a huge jerk to someone, and that person becomes hell-bent of destroying him.

That person in Iron Man 3 was Aldrich Killian, who was later revealed to be the big bad behind the decoy Mandarin. Criticize this twist all you want, but the fact of the matter is that Tony was a jerk to Killian, which made him want revenge. Once Tony Stark became Iron Man, Killian felt it was his time to attack the superhero where it hurt, in his home.

If only Tony had been a little nicer to the man who was a fan, he wouldn’t have almost gotten Pepper Potts killed. Who knows if Tony learned his lesson from all this, as he is still acting like a jerk up to the most current movies.

3 Gave Spider-Man A Kill Mode In His Suit

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

It was very nice and generous for Tony Stark to give Peter Parker a new suit to swing around in. He recognized the teen’s genius and wanted to help him fight crime with a dope suit.

But why the hell did he put the “kill mode” programming in there? Granted, the only reason Peter unlocked that mode was because he hacked into the system, but still, did he really think the kill mode was necessary? Just because you’re okay with killing loads of people doesn’t mean everyone else is, Tony.

That is a lot of responsibility to put in the hands of a teenager who is good with computers and could definitely hack into the suit. You had to realize the kid was going to figure this stuff out, Tony.

Plus, it wasn’t even Peter who figured it out. It was his friend! Any teenage hacker could have unlocked this kill mode and went on a killing spree.

2 Proposed To Pepper As A Publicity Stunt

The Avengers Tony Stark Pepper Potts

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony is ready to make the announcement that Spider-Man is going to become the newest Avenger (even though The Avengers are pretty much broken up at the moment). Spidey decides that he isn’t ready for that responsibility and will stay “close to the ground.

Little does Peter know, there is a giant press conference awaiting the giant announcement. When Peter turns Stark down, what is Stark’s plan B? He tells Happy to give him a ring and decides that he will announce that he and Pepper are engaged.

Yea, that wasn’t his original plan and he only did it because he had nothing else to announce. Poor Pepper. Almost killed by this man and then only gets a ring because Spider-Man turned Tony down.

1 Invites Supervillains To His House, Then Is Unprepared When They Arrive

Tony Stark Press

One of the big characteristics of Iron Man in the MCU is his bravado. He is fully confident that he can defend himself and his loved ones. He’s so confident that he tells everyone his address and invites them to come and attack his house.

So when a villain takes him up on this offer, he is fully unprepared. He has no idea what is happening, and part of his mansion gets destroyed. This is where his confidence turns to arrogance and hubris.

Tony has an Iron Man suit everywhere. He’s got one in a briefcase, in a watch, in his plane, and he couldn’t be prepared for an attack on his home? It wasn’t even a sneak attack! How foolish is that?

Maybe next time don’t invite bad guys to your house where your loved ones are.


What other shady things has Iron Man done in the MCU? Let us know in the comments!

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