Tony Scott's 'Potsdamer Platz' Gets a Title Change & Synopsis

Tony Scott is set to thrill audiences once again this weekend with his out-of-control train movie Unstoppable, but what's next for the famed action director?

In August we reported that Scott had three possible films coming up: The Associate, with Shia LaBeouf; Hell's Angels, with Mickey Rourke; and Potsdamer Platz, also with Mickey Rourke (and possibly Jason Statham and Javier Bardem).

If it were up to me, Scott would move forward with Potsdamer Platz, which recently dropped its name and is currently untitled. Why do I like that film better than the others? Just check out the synopsis (courtesy of Collider):

"Two Jersey mobsters are sent on a simple mission: send a message to their boss’s rival by wiping out his Puerto Rican compound.  The hit takes on new meaning when they discover a six year old girl in hiding.  Suffering an uncharacteristic bout of conscience, they allow her to live.  All hell breaks loose when the hit men later learn the little girl was the actual target and they were set up to execute a plan of cold-blooded revenge by killing the child of the woman the mob boss once loved."

Sounds interesting, right? Besides the intriguing plot, the film has a proven director in Scott and a skilled lead (and consummate badass) in Rourke. For me, that's more than enough reason to check out the film, new title or not.

Just to clarify the title change, Potsdamer Platz is a large public square in Berlin, Germany. Presumably, the title change coincides with the fact that the plot takes place in Puerto Rico. No word yet on what the new title of the film will be, but I suspect Lionsgate will want to go with something that's a bit more marketable.

I know that most fans are hoping for Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer to hurry up on Top Gun 2 (Scott said last month that the film is moving forward) but Scott has already said that the much-anticipated sequel will not be his next film. So, as long as you're sitting around waiting for the second coming of Iceman and Maverick, why not enjoy a little Mickey Rourke action while you wait.

Source: Collider

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