Tony Scott Attached To Direct 'Narco Sub' Thriller From 'Safe House' Scribe

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Both director Martin Scorsese and Tony Scott seem to have a thing (of late) for being connected to innumerable projects at once. The latter, for example, is tentatively attached to helm a remake of The Wild Bunch, Hell's Angels, the Potsdamer Platz project, an adaptation of John Grisham's The Associate, an adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis comic book, and perhaps even a Top Gun sequel, at some point in the future.

Now, however, it appears that Scott's next directorial effort could be another project altogether: Narco Sub, a new (what else) action-thriller pegged as being in the vein of the filmmaker's Crimson Tide and Man on Fire.

Variety says that 20th Century Fox has closed "a preemptive deal" for Scott to direct Narco Sub, which he would also produce through his Scott Free banner. Screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg, who was recently tapped to script the X-Men: First Class sequel, is slated to co-produce the project.

While plot details for Narco Sub are currently being kept under wraps, the title of the film refers to a narco-submarine (a.k.a. drug sub and/or Bigfoot submarine). That craft is a custom-made, self-propelling, semi-submersible vehicle often employed by South American drug cartels to smuggle cocaine from the continent (generally, the country of Colombia) to Mexico; thereafter, the drugs are usually transported to the U.S. by land.

Narco Sub will presumably amount to a crime drama-thriller that features said machinery as an important set piece, much like the nuclear missile submarine in Scott's Crimson Tide - or the unmanned freight train in the director's most recent release, Unstoppable. Whether the leading man in both of those films, Denzel Washington, will be sought to appear in Narco Sub is another matter.

Washington, as it were, will next appear onscreen in Safe House, an upcoming CIA thriller that was scripted by the writer responsible for the Narco Sub spec, David Guggenheim. So, again, that's all the more reason to wonder if the multiple Oscar-winning actor will end up reuniting with Scott for a sixth (count 'em, sixth) time on this new project.

trailer for safe house starring denzel washington and ryan reynolds
Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in 'Safe House'

Given the preliminary details, Narco Sub does read as a high-octane thriller that is right up Scott's alley, as a director. Most moviegoers probably know by now whether or not they enjoy Scott's hyper-kinetic (or, as some have called it, ADD-riddled) approach to filmmaking; the promise of yet another non-stop cinematic roller coaster ride concocted by Scott is something that will definitely appeal (and, conversely, not interest) many people.

Narco Sub is reportedly being fast-tracked for production by Fox, so it should become clear soon whether or not this is actually going to be Scott's next directing project. We will keep you posted in the meantime.

Source: Variety

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