Original Walking Dead Artist Shares His Version of Glenn's Death Scene

Steven Yeun as Glenn in The Walking Dead

Comic book artist Tony Moore, who served as the original artist for The Walking Dead comics has shared his own depiction of Glenn's death in the iconic 100th issue of the comics. Portrayed in the popular TV adaptation by Steven Yeun, Glenn's demise has become almost a perfect translation of the events that transpired in the source material to the small screen with him meeting his end at the cruel hands (and barbed wire-wrapped bat named Lucille) of Negan during the season 7 premiere. And while the show is really known for gruesome deaths, this particular one is still a stinger for fans.

Moore was attached to The Walking Dead comic books since it started printing in 2003. Unfortunately, long before the series published its celebratory 100th episode in 2012, the artist has already left his post and was replaced by Charlie Adlard. That said, Moore still drew his own iteration of the graphic and cruel death based on Robert Kirkman's story which actually looks pretty similar to the official illustration in the comic books.

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Sharing the drawing via his official Instagram account, Moore said that his recreation of the memorable visual had just been finished and is a treat to Glenn's fans. Check out the image below:

Just finished up this WALKING DEAD blank cover variant for all the Glenn fans out there! I'll have it with me at @bostoncomiccon this weekend, if you're interested! #glennrhee #walkingdead #thewalkingdead #twd #twdamc #twdfamily #baseball #art #artist #artwork #artistic #drawing #drawings #sketches #sketchbook #sketch #comics #comicbooks #copicmarkers #raphaelbrushes #strathmore #zombies

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Comparing Moore's work to that of Adlard, the only major difference is that his illustration is a little bit more cartoonish. But it still graphically depicts the now unfortgettable image of Glenn (and Yeun) with his head cracked open, face covered with his own blood and with one eye bulging out from the socket. For some reason however, the full frontal depiction makes it more disturbing.

It is no secret that The Walking Dead season 7 premiere has become controversial with a lot of viewers complaining about how gory, sadistic, and visually appalling it was. But folks behind the series stood by their creative decision to push the boundaries in the episode.

With the show once again nearing its return, fans of The Walking Dead is welcoming the show back with a more optimistic view especially now that the various communities including Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom, finally banded together to take on the bat-wielding Big Bad that is Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

Source: Tony Moore

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