Tons of "Steamboy" clips

Coming Soon has a ton of clips for the upcoming animated film Steamboy. Up until now I haven't really been following the development of this movie because (head hung low) I'm just not a huge Anime fan. Don't ask me why... I just never got into it, although I know there is a lot of cool stuff out there. The man responsible for Steamboy is the same gentleman who brought the now classic Akira to the big screen.

After watching the trailer, clips, and a couple of the featurettes I've decided I'm going to have to go out of my way to check this out. I love Jules Verne-type stuff (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen notwithstanding), and this looks like it will fit the bill, taking place in the late 19th century with lots of gadgets and amazing visuals.

Drop by Coming Soon or visit the official site and check 'em out.

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