Chris Evans Raves About Knives Out Co-Star Toni Collette's Hereditary Performance

Chris Evans praises his Knives Out co-star Toni Collette's performance in Hereditary, a turn many viewers feel was overlooked for an Oscar nomination.

Chris Evans in Knives Out

Former Captain America actor Chris Evans recently praised Toni Collette's Hereditary performance. The two are set to star alongside each other in the upcoming black comedy film, Knives Out. Upon its initial release, Collette's performance was praised by almost every critic and moviegoer. The film was also the first feature from writer and director Ari Aster. Many would argue that Collette got robbed of an Oscar nomination, as her performance didn't get enough recognition.

In the film, Collette stars as Annie, a troubled mother who begins to go completely insane as her family crumbles after the tragic death of her mother. Hereditary was one of last year's greatest accomplishments in horror and it put Aster on the map as someone to look out for. He would return this year to follow it up with Midsommar, a film that tackles many themes from Hereditary such as mental illness and grief. Collette's performance as the grief-stricken mother got recognized, but it also seemed to have been overlooked a bit. Her performance could be compared to James McAvoy's performance as Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split, as many feel his performance didn't get the attention it deserved as well. Recently, Evans praised Collette's Hereditary performance during an interview.

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According to EW, Evans recently raved about Collette's performance in Hereditary. Sitting down with a few of his Knives Out co-stars, Evans expressed his feelings about the horror genre being undermined. He addressed cliches like characters exploring noises over someone actually being scared from it and not exploring it just for plot convenience. He recommends Hereditary as a film from the past decade that everyone should see. Evans would then turn to Collette to address her directly by stating the following:

"Hereditary had a few of those scenes where you did things that I wish I saw in horror movies where you were losing your s--"

Collette's upcoming film Knives Out won't feature her going through a psychotic breakdown, but perhaps she will give another performance for everyone to talk about. Early reactions for the film have already surfaced, with some giving credit to the performances from everyone involved. Collette and Evans will be joined by Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas, and many more rounding out the cast. Fans of Hereditary will certainly have their eyes on Collette to see what she brings to the table in this whodunnit comedy. Also, since she is sharing the screen with Curtis, who is regarded as an icon in the horror genre, it will be interesting to see the interactions between the two actresses.

Evan's remarks about Collette will only fuel those who still want to argue about her performance being swept under the rug, but at least her performance didn't go completely unnoticed. Despite not getting an Oscar for her efforts, the performance in Hereditary is something horror fans and moviegoers will talk about for many years. And, as Aster continues to make waves in the industry, many will always want to bring up his debut with Hereditary, which will more than likely lead to discussions about Collette's amazing performance.

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Source: EW

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