'Tomorrowland' Character Trailers: Dreamers Must Stick Together

Britt Robertson as Casey Newton in Tomorrowland

Those only somewhat familiar with Tomorrowland would be forgiven for not knowing that Casey Newton - played by Britt Robertson (The Longest Ride) - is the true protagonist of the upcoming Brad Bird Disney movie, seeing as George Clooney's character has been the focal point of much of the film's marketing. Heck, Casey isn't even on the official Tomorrowland U.S. poster.

However, more recent trailers for Tomorrowland have better highlighted Casey's role in the film's story - culminating with a newly-released "character trailer" devoted entirely to the wide-eyed teenager. Casey, as presented in said preview, is a science geek who's tired of hearing her teachers drone on about what's wrong with the world... that is, without also discussing what can be done to fix things.

Thus, when she finds a mysterious pin that shows her a vision of a non-dystopic futuristic world, Casey's all too eager to learn more about this enigmatic place. You can give that Tomorrowland Casey trailer a look, above.

Casey, shown at work alongside her younger brother Nate (Pierce Gagnon a.k.a. the Looper kid) in the new Tomorrowland preview, eventually finds a connection between this world that she's glimpsed and Frank Walker (Clooney): a reclusive inventor, who's also the one person who knows how to get to Tomorrowland, by the look of things. However, Casey and Frank soon find themselves being pursued by dangerous (robotic) forces determined to prevent the pair from carrying out their quest.

That's not to say Casey and Frank have to "fix the future" alone. The duo receive assistance from Athena (Raffey Cassidy), who's also responsible for Casey happening upon the Tomorrowland pin - thus, proving she is "the chosen one." For more footage of Athena in action, check out the other new Tomorrowland character trailer, featured above.

Tomorrowland by the look of it, is an even looser cinematic adaptation of a Disney theme park attraction that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Bird, who co-wrote the film's script with Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) from a story by Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, likewise told Empire that he feels the movie was "inspired by a Disney frame of mind" - and that, for all intents and purposes, it's an original project with a budget over $100 million. That, in the current Hollywood climate, is "a very rare creature," as Bird put it.

Britt Robertson as Casey Newton in Tomorrowland

The film will face some heavy competition at the box office in the months ahead, but there's a lot to like about Bird's feature (exciting set pieces, intriguing characters, relevant themes) - and thus, reason to think it will become a larger hit through good word of mouth. It's for related reasons that Tomorrowland landed a spot on our countdown of Must-See Summer 2015 movies.

Rounding out the Tomorrowland cast are Hugh Laurie (House, M.D.), Judy Greer (Archer), Kathryn Hahn (Parks and Recreation), Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele), Chris Bauer (True Blood), and Thomas Robinson (The Protector).

Tomorrowland opens in U.S. theaters on May 22nd, 2015.

Source: Walt Disney Studios, Empire

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