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Tommy Wiseau in 3D glasses

The Room 3D

No matter what the future holds, there's little doubt that Tommy Wiseau will forever be remembered for The Room. A magnum opus of nonsensical, non-sequitur storytelling, The Room, for better or for worse (mostly worse), is one of the most important films of the 21st century.

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For reasons unknown to mere mortals, Tommy Wiseau is apparently dead set on making a 3D version of The Room. It's something he's brought up in interviews going back to 2011, at least. Most recently, Wiseau revealed his intentions to actually remake the movie, shooting the whole thing over again, but with 3D cameras.

It's difficult to imagine The Room being any worse in 3D, but could it be better? The terrible blue screen during the rooftop scenes probably wouldn't benefit from added depth, nor would the soft-focus "love" scenes. Does anyone really want to see Tommy Wiseau's butt in 3D? Although... Mark's random attempted murder of Peter would probably be slightly more harrowing, if no less hilarious, in 3D.

The Room On Broadway

The legend goes that The Room started life as a stage play, and then a book, before Tommy Wiseau finally decided to turn his vision into a cinematic masterpiece. Now, it seems, Wiseau wishes to return to his earlier take on The Room and turn it into a Broadway musical.

Wiseau has stated his intentions to turn The Room into a musical comedy, and to do the choreography himself, despite there being no evidence suggesting he has any ability to choreograph complex dance numbers. One has to wonder if he intends to write the songs himself, as well.

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Oddly, Wiseau suggested he plans to star in the play, but only on opening night, after which he will give the role to its regular performer. There's no real rhyme or reason to the things Tommy Wiseau does or plans to do; he just does them. The prospect of The Room on Broadway sounds absolutely absurd, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

The Room Q&As

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Whether or not audiences ever get to see The Room on Broadway or in 3D, at least they will still have the opportunity to see Tommy Wiseau in his natural environment: at special Q&A screenings of his masterpiece/disasterpiece. Regardless of his Broadway ambitions or other acting jobs (he was in 2015's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance!), Tommy Wiseau's main gig is touring The Room. He regularly hosts live Q&A events after special screenings, usually in the greater Los Angeles area.

Regardless of the reputation of his film, Tommy Wiseau seems to genuinely enjoy getting to meet his fans, people who come from far and wide to see his work. Whether they come to laugh with him or at him, at least they're laughing. The message of the film, as ham-handed as it may be, is that "if a lot of people loved each other, then the world would be a better place to live." Tommy Wiseau, through his terrible, awful, and joyously entertaining film, has creating something which has united strangers and made them laugh and have a good time together. What more can a creator of art hope to accomplish?

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