Exclusive: Tommy Wiseau Planning The Room On Broadway

Tommy Wiseau wants to bring his cult movie The Room to the stage on Broadway. In its fifteen years of life, The Room has inspired a whole lot of related products. There have been multiple books spun-off from the project, most notably Greg Sestero’s memoir about the making of the film - which led to the Oscar-nominated making-of movie, The Disaster Artist. There have also been documentaries, double features, and even a major theatrical re-release for The Room itself in recent months.

Wiseau has often shared his plans for additional projects related to The Room, including potential sequels as well as 3D and 4K editions. He's now floated yet another potential The Room project: bringing the story of Mark, Lisa, and Johnny to the Great White Way.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Tommy Wiseau revealed that he has plans to adapt The Room into a Broadway show. According to the actor/filmmaker:

“First I want to do The Room on Broadway. That will be the first thing. Keep on eye- not off-Broadway, on Broadway."

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Wiseau had mentioned wanting to bring The Room in interviews past (as far back as 2011), but he's now indicating that it's his first priority. It’s unclear how far along any plans are for The Room Broadway show, and whether Wiseau has approached investors or completed the book for an adaptation for the stage. There’s been nothing in the trade press about this and it's possible that Wiseau will change his plans in the future. However, given that awareness around The Room has only grown over the past year thanks to the critical success of The Disaster Artist movie adaptation, the odds of The Room eventually making it to Broadway are better now than they would have been just a year or two ago.

Of course, the news about Wiseau’s Broadway plans raises lots of questions. Would Wiseau himself star in the stage play? Will it be a musical, featuring songs based around the original film's most well known moments? Is it even possible to translate what makes The Room an entertaining moviegoing experience to the medium of theater? Movies turned Broadway plays have a decidedly hit and miss track record, so Wiseau is certainly being ambitious with his plans here.

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The Room is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and continues to be shown in theaters nationwide.

The Disaster Artist arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming platforms March 13th.

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