Tommy Wiseau Asks Mark Hamill For An Extra Ticket to the Oscars

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The Disaster Artist himself, Tommy Wiseau, is pulling out all the stops in his bid to get into the 90th annual Academy Awards Sunday night in Los Angeles. This awards season has been a cultural renaissance for Wiseau, the star and director of the so-bad-it's-good cult classic The Room. Self-financed by Wiseau to the reported tune of $6 million, The Room, co-starring Wiseau's friend Greg Sestero, only played on one screen and made $1,200 in its initial two-week run, only to be discovered by the midnight movie crowd worldwide – and eventually turned into a hit big screen biopic by James Franco.

Backed by the critical raves over Franco's performance as Wiseau, The Disaster Artist quickly became an awards season favorite, with nominations from various groups like the Broadcast Film Critics' Association and the Golden Globes, as well as industry recognition by the Screen Actors Guild. The film's Oscar prospects came to a screeching halt the night of Franco's Golden Globes win, however, when Franco faced allegations of sexual misconduct. In all likelihood the revelations cost Franco a Best Actor Oscar nomination, and Wiseau, who attended the Globes with Sestero, a ticket to the ceremonies for Hollywood's biggest night.

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Seeming desperate to get into the Oscars despite the lack of a Franco nomination, Wiseau is making a few last-ditch efforts to land a ticket for he and Sestero to the ceremony. In a tweet addressed to Star Wars icon and Oscars presenter Mark Hamill on Saturday, Wiseau plainly asked, "Oh hi Mark! Use The Force and get Greg and I into The #Oscars," also tagging the Twitter handles for The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, host Jimmy Kimmel and the account for Jimmy Kimmel Live! See the tweet below:

Oh hi Mark ! Use The Force and get Greg and I into The #Oscars @TheAcademy @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive @HamillHimself

— Tommy Wiseau (@TommyWiseau) March 4, 2018

Oh hi Tommy! Wish I could help you but I can't even get extra #Oscars tickets for my kids. I really owe you since now whenever people greet me I get to hear the quote from The Room. Plus-if you saw #LastJedi you'd know (SPOILER ALERT) I turned off The Force.

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 4, 2018

Hamill kindly responded to Wiseau in the tweet above, appropriately mirroring Wiseau's signature line, saying "Oh hi Tommy!" and explaining that he couldn't even get his own kids into the ceremony. Hamill also acknowledged that he's frequently greeted by Wiseau's line "Oh hi Mark!" from The Room, which was no doubt thanks in part to a fan video mashup of footage from the film and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Wiseau's attempt to get into the Oscars is certainly legitimate, considering The Disaster Artist scored a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. And while the actor-director won't be in attendance at the ceremony, he may get his due anyway in an acceptance speech should screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber pull off a win. And while the Franco controversy effectively vaporized Wiseau's dreams of being among those celebrated at the Oscars, at least the real-life disaster artist can take comfort in being invited to the podium by the actor to celebrate the Golden Globes win (even though Franco cut him off).

In a way, getting silenced by Franco at the Globes gave Wiseau an even bigger voice. Not only did he reveal what he was going to say at the Globes had he been given the chance, his bids for roles like The Joker in Todd Phillips' movie are also attracting big attention. When Wiseau speaks now, people listen, including Hamill. Sure, Wiseau is not going to the Oscars, but the Force is definitely with him.

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