Tommy Wiseau Wants to Play The Joker in Todd Phillips’ Film

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Update: Here's what Tommy Wiseau Could Look Like as The Joker

Tommy Wiseau wants to play The Joker. Admittedly, a lot of actors want to play The Joker. Ever since Cesar Romero first covered his mustache in white makeup to play the arch nemesis of Adam West's version of Batman, the perpetually smiling criminal mastermind has been a dream role for many actors. And the bar for any actor who takes on the role is high. He's one of Mark Hamill's two most famous, beloved, and long-running characters, he's been played by Oscar winner Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger posthumously won an Oscar for playing him. Sure, not everyone who plays the part is universally loved, but plenty of performers want to take a turn at conquering that iconic laugh.

Well, another actor is going to get the chance to play the Clown Prince of Crime soon and it looks like that actor is probably another Oscar winner - Joaquin Phoenix is in talks for the role in Todd Phillips upcoming Joker origin movie. But one of the things Tommy Wiseau is famous for is the fact that he never gives up on his dreams. He wanted to star in a movie and he wrote himself a film and made it, and now The Room is a part of cinematic history. Wiseau also dreams of being in a comic book movie, and now it looks like he has his sights set on a particular role.


When Wiseau realized that Phillips is on the verge of casting Phoenix, he decided to make his desire to play The Joker known - on Twitter. His tweet is very simple, but the message is clear. Wiseau wants a chance to play The Joker. And the comments some of Wiseau's fans are sharing - most of which are playful spins on Wiseau's dialogue in The Room being changed to fit the Joker's universe - are downright hilarious.

Todd. DM me.

— Tommy Wiseau (@TommyWiseau) February 10, 2018

While Jared Leto is currently playing The Joker in the DCEU, Phillips movie is separate from the cinematic universe, allowing for two actors to play two different takes on the character at the same time.  Phillips is co-writing the script with Scott Silver, as well as directing the movie, which Leonardo DiCaprio was also rumored to star in at one point.

While Wiseau would certainly be a Joker like fans have never seen before, he and Phoenix could not be more different as actors. So if Phoenix is who Phillips is leaning towards, it's not likely that Wiseau really has a shot this time around. Still, maybe there is another role that Wiseau might be right for in The Joker. Perhaps someone from The Joker's past who helped to turn him to his life of crime. A family member, a partner, a victim, the possibilities are endless. So maybe Phillips will send Wiseau that message after all. If nothing else, it promises to be an interesting conversation.


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