Fan Art Imagines Tommy Wiseau As DC's Joker

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

There's new fan art of Tommy Wiseau as the Joker now that he's expressed interest in playing the legendary DC villain for Todd Phillips upcoming Joker origin movie. Wiseau has been enjoying a career renaissance ever since actor-director James Franco released The Disaster Artist in theaters nationwide, a comedic recreation of the Hollywood cult figure's making of The Room. Even though the film had earned the dishonorable distinction of being "The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies," it also went onto become a midnight-movie favorite worldwide, earning Wiseau the fame he so desperately craved, albeit in a different way than he imagined.

And while Franco's stardom began to falter after his Golden Globes win for Best Comedy Actor following sexual misconduct allegations, Wiseau charged ahead with his Hollywood dreams undeterred. After appearing on stage with Franco at the Golden Globes, The Room finally got the nationwide theatrical release Wiseau always hoped for. That's when he even started thinking of other projects he could attach himself to, and it wasn't long until the expressed interested in appearing in a Marvel or a DC movie. And following word of Joaquin Phoenix being in talks for Phillips' Joker origin movie, Wiseau jumped on social media and asked the director to message him, presumably to talk about snagging the role from under Phoenix.

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Given the bizarre new development, prolific graphic artist BossLogic immediately got to work on a rendering of Wiseau as The Joker, and he posted his art work on his Instagram account Saturday (below). Appropriately, BossLogic takes cue from the scene in Wiseau's The Room in which he proclaims, "You're tearing me apart!" However, Wiseau's character, Johnny, is suddenly decked in a purple outfit and is wearing Joker makeup while sporting green hair. What's more, BossLogic takes inspiration from Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad and gives Johnny a tattoo as well. To top it off, Lisa (Juliette Danielle) from The Room has been replaced by Batman. Take a look:

it's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hurt robin really, really bad! I did naaaht. Oh hi Bruce..... #theroom #joker #dc #dccomics #bosslogic

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Naturally, BossLogic wouldn't have come up with such an entertaining portrait if not for Wiseau's piping up about wanting to play the Joker, so fans really have to take advantage of the unorthodox situation and just be amused by it all. Wiseau clearly knows that he's not going to land a plum role like the Joker (or any Marvel role, for that matter) no matter big of a dreamer he is, but it is fun, nonetheless, for him and fans to imagine the possibilities.

What Wiseau does know, though, is that publicity goes a long way in Hollywood, and declaring himself eligible for Phillips' Joker film keeps him relevant. The more people that read or see Wiseau's antics, the more people are going to want to discover more about him. And if they don't know of him already, they are eventually going to find their way to The Room.

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