Watch: Tommy Wiseau Is The Joker In The Dark Knight

A new video imagines what The Dark Knight would look like if Tommy Wiseau portrayed the Joker. Thanks to The Disaster Artist (which chronicles the making of Wiseau's The Room) earning critical praise, the eccentric auteur has been thrust into the spotlight, where he's using his newfound fame to promote upcoming projects and campaign for new roles. Recently, Wiseau has (jokingly?) put his name in the running for the Joker in Todd Phillips' upcoming origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime. The odds of this actually happening are admittedly slim, but there's much fun to be had with the possibilities.

In addition to fan art envisioning what Wiseau would look like as the villain, Wiseau himself got in on the action recently by filming a mock audition tape, where he recited some of Heath Ledger's classic Dark Knight lines. Now, someone has gone the extra mile and inserted Wiseau into Christopher Nolan's comic book film, and the results are immensely entertaining.

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Posted by YouTube user Bup, the video places Wiseau's head over Ledger's in the brief clips referenced in Wiseau's original video. These include the opening scene at the bank and the interrogation scene with Batman. You can watch it for yourself in the space above.

Tommy Wiseau fan-made Joker teaser trailer (screengrab: The Dangerous Brew)

Wiseau is in gloriously over-the-top form here, clearly relishing in one of his dream parts. In a way, the Joker could be a fascinating role for Wiseau. The character's theatricality fits well with the actor's sensibilities, and Wiseau possesses an unsettling laugh that he can use to great effect. However, the Joker standalone movie might not be the best fit, seeing that it's positioned as a gritty crime drama a la Taxi Driver. Wiseau's acting isn't exactly subtle, so the producers will probably look for a thespian with a bit more nuance, like Joaquin Phoenix, to bring the villain to life. Even if this is the closest we get to seeing Wiseau as the Joker, it's highly enjoyable to watch.

The Wiseau renaissance is still going strong thanks to the actor's upcoming roles in films like Best F(r)iends and Scary Love, so it'll be interesting to see what else comes his way. While he may never headline a major studio tentpole, it might be fun to see Wiseau cameo in one, especially if his Joker campaign continues to gain traction. If nothing else, it would bring a smile to many Room fans worldwide.

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Source: Bup

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