Tommy Wiseau Continues Campaigning for Joker Role, Shares Fan Art

Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Tommy Wiseau has reiterated his desire to take on the lead role in the upcoming Joker movie, sharing some more fan art of himself as the Batman villain. Wiseau made a name for himself among niche movie lover circles with the release of The Room, which became a cult classic due to its status as the "Citizen Kane of bad movies." The release of The Disaster Artist last year, a film looking at the making of The Room itself, helped bring Wiseau's name into the public eye further, and some big goals have been set for the actor.

After Wiseau made an offhand Twitter comment about wanting to play The Joker, The Room fans immediately jumped at this, releasing fan art of Wiseau as The Joker that drew applause from the online community. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wiseau himself has not been immune to seeing this art work, and one piece recently has caught his attention.

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The director and star of The Room once again has turned to Twitter to help push for the role of The Joker in the upcoming Todd Phillips adaptation. Once again proclaiming "I want to be THE JOKER," Wiseau has shared a wonderful piece of fan art that turns the actor and creator into the mysterious DC Comics villain.

It's far from the only time that a fan work has helped with the Wiseau for Joker campaign, either. Rather than just fan art, Wiseau has even had a fan trailer made for himself as The Joker. Even though it's not likely that much will help Wiseau get cast as the Clown Prince of Gotham, these works are still entertaining - and convincing - enough for fans of The Room to get behind.

If The Disaster Artist is to be believed, Wiseau was always determined to play a heroic role, rather than one of the villain. However, the actor's enthusiasm is infectious and it would certainly be something to see him in a high profile role. After all, given all the question marks surrounding Wiseau's own life, there are certainly parallels to be made with The Joker.

Of course, there's a much more likely route that The Joker will go down, given that Joaquin Phoenix has had talks to play the character. Fan art of Phoenix as The Joker has also been created, and it's fair to say that the actor would be a phenomenal pick for the villain. However, should those talks prove successful then there's going to be at least one person who will be left feeling like they've been torn apart.

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