Greg Sestero Would Play Batman to Tommy Wiseau’s Joker

Tommy Wiseau fan-made Joker teaser trailer (screengrab: The Dangerous Brew)

In an exclusive interview, Greg Sestero revealed he's down to play Batman to Tommy Wiseau's Joker. When the two first co-starred in cult sensation The Room – which Wiseau also wrote, produced and directed - back in 2003, they had no way of knowing how the film would impact their life's. The movie was intended to be a dark drama about love and betrayal, but thanks to some outlandish creative choices made during production, it plays much more like a comedy - and a really entertaining one.

The cult of The Room steadily grew year after year, with celebrity fans singing its praises and fans regularly attending screenings. Sestero eventually wrote a book titled The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Film Ever Made recounting his crazy experiences working on the movie. The book caught the eye of James Franco, who signed on to direct and play Wiseau in the film version. The success of The Disaster Artist movie has brought The Room a whole new legion of fans and made the cult of Tommy Wiseau even stronger.

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Wiseau and Sestero have a new movie called Best F(r)iends coming soon, and in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, they shared which famous hero/villain duo they'd like to play if they got the chance. Tommy went first and had this to say when asked if there was a particular hero or villain he'd love to play.

I would tell you that I'm ready to play Joker, and people will have a little taste of it soon. But you know what I'm ready for anything. So at the end of the day if you have a part for me let me know. [Laughs] I am ready. So whatever you have from any comic book, then if you guys wanna put something together I'm ready to do it.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in The Room

The same question was put to Greg, who opted for the natural choice of a hero to compliment Wiseau's Joker.

You know what, something funny, I put in the opening few pages of The Disaster Artist, I said that Tommy and I look more like Marvel comics nemeses than people who could be friends. And this was like 6 years ago, so I still stick with the fact that Tommy should play the Joker and I should play Bruce Wayne. Why not?

While Tommy Wiseau playing The Joker sounds all kinds of amazing, it seems DC is focused in other directions for the time being. Jared Leto is expected to reprise his take on the role for Suicide Squad 2, and Joaquin Phoenix is tipped to play the character for Todd Philips R-rated, non-DCEU Joker movie. That said, Phoenix claimed to have no idea  about the movie in a recent interview, so maybe the producers could give Tommy a call if it doesn't work out. Even Tommy has taken to campaigning for the role.

While the Joker probably isn't in Wiseau's immediate future, the cult of The Room only continues to grow. The Disaster Artist is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards, the first half of the two-part Best F(r)iends is due to play select theaters from March 30 and Wiseau is now considering completely reshooting The Room in 3D, complete with all the imperfections that made it such a treat the first time.

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The Room is currently available on Blu-ray (and playing as a special engagement in select theaters).

The Disaster Artist arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming platforms March 13th.

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