Tommy Wiseau Actually Made a Joker Audition Tape

Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau has taken on the role of The Joker, albeit as part of an open audition tape. Best known for his work on the 2003 cult classic film The Room, Wiseau saw his star rise in 2017 in the wake of the release of The Disaster Artist, which was based around the making of The Room and featured James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau.

In recent weeks, Wiseau has begun to publicly lobby for the role of The Joker, who is set to star in a solo film by director Todd Phillips. To the surprise of many, the idea of Wiseau as The Clown Prince of Prime has captured the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.  Fan art and fan-edited trailers based around the idea have been published on the Internet to wide acclaim and positive response.

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Wiseau's audition tape, which can be viewed above, was produced in association with The Nerdist. The video features Wiseau in full make-up and green-dyed hair, reciting lines made famous by the Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson portrayals of The Joker, inter-cut with Wiseau's distinctive laughter. The video also features a cameo by Wiseau's frequent collaborator Greg Sestero.

Tommy Wiseau as The Joker

While it seems unlikely that this audition video will land Wiseau the role of The Joker (or indeed win him any work at all with Warner Bros.), it is heartening to see that Wiseau is in good spirits following his failure to get tickets to The Oscars. Even if Warner Bros. were willing to consider casting Wiseau, the actor/director might not be available for filming at this time. In addition to managing his line of underwear, Wiseau is also reportedly hard at work on adapting The Room into a Broadway stage-play.

While some may scoff at the idea of Wiseau playing The Joker, or even his directing a DC Comics movie someday, it should be noted that such skepticism has been proven wrong before. Many questioned the wisdom of Tim Burton's casting Michael Keaton (best known for work in comedic roles at the time) as Bruce Wayne in his 1989 Batman film, yet today Keaton is considered one of the strongest Batman actors ever. Fans were similarly quick to question Heath Ledger's casting as The Joker in The Dark Knightyet Ledger went on to deliver an Oscar-winning performance many now consider to be the definitive live-action portrayal of The Joker.  

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The Room is currently available on Blu-ray, and playing as a special engagement in select theaters. The Disaster Artist arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming platforms March 13th. For More Information about Tommy Wiseau, check out his official website at

Source: Nerdist

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