Tommy Wiseau Brought on Stage at Golden Globes by James Franco

Tommy Wiseau showed up on the red carpet- and on stage- at the Golden Globes. When Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic The Room was first released in 2013, it was given a brief qualifying run for two weeks in a single theater in Los Angeles, in order to gain eligibility for that year’s Academy Awards. It was not, alas, nominated for any Oscars or any other award that year - not even a Razzie - and for all of Wiseau’s ambitions of acclaimed, James Dean-style acting, his individual performance was never recognized either.

On the other hand, The Disaster Artist - James Franco’s well-received making-of film about The Room - was indeed nominated for Golden Globes for both Best Picture (musical or comedy) and Best Actor for Franco’s performance- an award for which Franco won the Golden Globe. Therefore, Tommy Wiseau - who has a brief cameo in the film - finally made it to a major awards show.

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After Franco’s Golden Globes win, Franco called Wiseau up on stage with him, and even read off a text message that Wiseau sent years ago about being caught in traffic during a previous Golden Globes, to which he hadn't been invited. Wiseau even appeared to attempt to grab the microphone from Franco prior to the speech:

Wiseau, along with Room co-star and line producer Greg Sestero, also appeared on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night, and promoted The Room in an interview with Variety.

Tommy Wiseau in The Room and James Franco in The Disaster Artist

I think it’s great… he can win!, “ Wiseau said, accurately it turned out. “Everybody should see the Room, and you guys should write about The Room!” Sestero added that when he wrote the book that served as the source material for The Disaster Artist, he had always envisioned it as a movie. Wiseau did not mention that The Room is getting a wide theatrical release - its widest ever - on January 10.

The Room has been criticized over the years for its somewhat backward gender politics, so it was a bit ironic for Wiseau to appear at the awards in which that topic was foremost on everyone’s minds and lips. Wiseau did join most of those in attendance in wearing black, although that is the color the actor/director wears most of the time. At any rate, one may have thought they would live their entire life without ever seeing Tommy Wiseau on an awards stage, but the world can sometimes be a strange place indeed.

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Source: Variety

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