Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero Recreate Dark Knight Joker Scene in Full

Tommy Wiseau as The Joker

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero have teamed up once again to recreate the famous Joker interrogation scene from The Dark Knight. Wiseau is known for producing, directing, writing, and starring in the infamous movie called The Room, which is often considered one of the worst movies ever made - and he uses that notoriety to his benefit.

Even though The Room was panned by critics, Wiseau never stopped in his dream of becoming an actor. The role of Johnny may have started off his career, but Wiseau has since starred in several short films, TV series, and feature-length films such as Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance and Best F(r)iends Volume 1. Wiseau is known for never giving up on his dreams, especially after James Franco's The Disaster Artist hit the big screen, and so he wants to follow his dream of playing the Joker in a DC movie. Despite Joaquin Phoenix being cast as the Joker in the upcoming origin film, Wiseau doesn't seem to be giving up based on this new take on a scene from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

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Created by Nerdist and shared on their YouTube page, fans can now see what the stars of The Room would look like in a scene from The Dark Knight. The scene in question is when Batman interrogates the Joker to get information on Harvey Dent's location. Things don't go according to plan, of course, and Batman finds out that the Joker has actually taken Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes. Wiseau and Sestero have dressed up as the Joker and Batman before for Wiseau's Joker audition tape, but Nerdist has now taken it even further by recreating the entire interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

With multiple Joker movies in development, Wiseau's best chance of playing the Clown Prince of Crimes is now. That being said, Wiseau will likely never be cast as the Joker unless someone were to make a full-length parody film revolving around the Joker and Batman. Even then, the task would be complicated given the copyright issues, but it's fun to consider nonetheless. Currently, Todd Phillips' Joker film starring Phoenix is the closest to fans seeing, but maybe Wiseau will get his own Joker movie eventually. Who knows? Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

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Source: Nerdist

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